All The Reasons to Choose Kamala Harris

As we near the end of the selection process, it becomes increasingly clear that Kamala Harris the best choice for VP. Unfortunately, the clearer it becomes, the more resistant many folks get towards the idea. Despite their opposition, Kamala Harris is clearly the most qualified, most experienced, and most competent choice for VP.

1. Vertical and Horizontal experience in all levels of government.

Kamala Harris has spent her entire career in public service. She has literally dedicated her life to The People. Currently, she is the only Vice Presidential candidate being considered who has not only worked in all 3 vertical branches of Government (Local, State, and Federal), but also all 3 horizontal branches (Judicial, Legislative, and Executive). As a prosecutor and later District Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco, Kamala Harris prioritized victims, and notably went after abuse and harassment perpetrators. She worked within the judicial system to achieve reforms, many of which became models for other municipal, state, and national programs.

Upon being elected Attorney General of the State of California, Kamala Harris worked to reform the justice system, championing progressive policies for sentencing reform, against mass incarceration, and bail reform. When marriage equality became law in California, she personally ordered County Clerks to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples. She ran the second-largest Department of Justice in the United States, and managed thousands of employees in her position as AG.

In her latest job as a United States Senator For California, she has tirelessly championed progressive policies, but without compromising quality and affordability for radical reform, as many “progressives” do. She has made Attorneys General and other Trump appointees squirm in their seats through tough questions that clearly demonstrate her experience as an attorney. It’s thanks to her that Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, postponed all judicial nominees throughout the impeachment trial. Throughout this pandemic, Senator Harris has been a constant presence, speaking up for those who are suffering and championing legislation to ease the burden on working families and on marginalized communities. She’s even ranked consistently as the 2nd-most Progressive Senator (which would make her the MOST progressive Senator in January if Joe Kennedy retires Ed Markey).

2. Biden hasn’t said a single bad thing about her.

Biden has been attacked by virtually all of the candidates in this race in some way or another, and has had criticism for virtually all of them as well. The only person he hasn’t said a single damn thing against is Kamala Harris, even after she called him out on busing. Throughout this campaign, he has had nothing but praise for her. It’s clear that he has tremendous respect for Kamala Harris, and I’m willing to bet he admires her willingness to take on powerful opponents, a skill that will be incredibly useful as his Vice President. She’s not afraid to call out injustice when she sees it, and she’ll keep Joe on his toes, too. She will provide a strong conscience for him and his administration, especially on issues where he might not be as well-versed.

Joe Biden has long indicated that he doesn’t hold grudges, and respects strong-willed and ambitious people such as Kamala Harris. For all the criticism that she faces over many of her traits or perceived traits, many of those same traits appear to be what Joe values in a colleague and a running mate. She has many of the personal qualities he’s looking for in a Vice President.

3. Joe wants a running mate who shares his views.

Vice President Biden has repeatedly expressed his desire for a candidate who is “simpatico” with him and his views. While this immediately disqualifies a particular candidate who comes to mind, Kamala Harris has expressed that she is fully on board with Joe Biden’s agenda. If she’s the Vice President, we can expect to see a united front from them, rather than frequent bickering from a Vice President who’d try to force her own way, or undermine Joe Biden at her own gain, and at the gain of the GOP, which would certainly feed off of division within the administration.

Kamala Harris, meanwhile, has demonstrated that she’s a loyal ally to Joe Biden. While she wouldn’t hesitate to tell him he’s wrong, she wouldn’t undermine him in public ways that would serve only the GOP, and she would ensure that the White House displays a united front against the GOP. She understands that not all disagreements have to be public fights meant to leverage one person’s views over the other for political gain.

Kamala Harris has also consistently brought the most donors and the most support to the Biden campaign, even before the Vice Presidential nominee has been decided. She’s strong ally, and the people are excited for Kamala Harris.

4. Passing the Torch

Joe Biden has repeatedly indicated that he sees himself as a transition point to the next generation of leaders. He wants someone who can represent that next generation. There’s no better person for that than Kamala Harris, who has proven herself to be an inspiring, energizing figure in American politics. The level of energy she inspired in her own Presidential campaign demonstrates that when he’s ready to pass the torch in a few years, Kamala Harris would be more than capable of carrying it than anyone else being considered. She can already capably lead the next generation of American leaders today, and 4-8 years in the administration would only improve her abilities. Joe himself has said as much.

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