Welcome to KNN!

Welcome to KNN! We're a news blog dedicated to providing factual and fun infomation about Kamala Harris, our next President. Our goal is to stop the constant spread of misinformation about Kamala Harris' record, and promote her candidacy for President (We are not, however, affiliated with the campaign). We won't pull any punches, and we … Continue reading Welcome to KNN!

All The Reasons to Choose Kamala Harris

As we near the end of the selection process, it becomes increasingly clear that Kamala Harris the best choice for VP. Unfortunately, the clearer it becomes, the more resistant many folks get towards the idea. Despite their opposition, Kamala Harris is clearly the most qualified, most experienced, and most competent choice for VP. 1. Vertical … Continue reading All The Reasons to Choose Kamala Harris

House Votes to Formally Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Florida Man

Trump has moved to Florida. Let the "Florida Man" jokes commence! It was revealed today that President Trump has recently changed his residence from New York to Florida, specifically, to Mar-a-Lago, citing tax reasons. However, we suspect it might be because he believes that by moving to Florida, he'll be out of the reach of … Continue reading House Votes to Formally Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Florida Man

Some Thoughts On The Case for Kamala

Hi, all.  I'm taking this opportunity to share two posts I wrote about Kamala on my own blog, as a lead-in to a post I am preparing. I hope these are useful! https://travelswithslippers.wordpress.com/2019/07/01/i-cant-be-tired-already-or-can-i/ https://travelswithslippers.wordpress.com/2019/07/24/no-im-not-tired-the-updated-case-for-kamala-so-far/ Feel free to send me ideas/articles/videos for the next iteration of "The Case For Kamala".